Conference of Pedro Varela: “Revolutionary Ethics”(London 16.4.2015)

“Revolutionary Ethics: Why beauty matters and how to educate the youth with the necessary character for the future – back to nature, back to faith”.

‘’It can’t be done’’, “It’s not possible’’ – are cowards’ cries that don’t occur in Pedro Varela’s lexicon, and ignoring them he set up and continues to run the Libreria Europa bookshop in Barcelona, a bookshop that is hated by the Marxist-Liberal elite that now runs the white world, hated because the bookshop specialises in what the ruling elites call politically-incorrect works. As such, Pedro Varela, (long term Nationalist and a vigorous campaigner for truth in history), has borne persistent attempts to bully, intimidate, persecute and imprison him and has brushed them off in the true manner of a Catalan hidalgo who laughs at danger. In a major legal case recently where various powerful interests tried to imprison him over him daring to stock historical books that ran contrary to the liberal version of history, he won a major, if temporary, victory for free speech when the appeal judge said ‘History is open to interpretation and therefore free speech should be allowed’. However, of course, the Enemies of Free Speech do not give up so easily and on Monday 2nd February the Spanish Parliament yielding to pressure from the European Union once again made historical revisionism a criminal offence in Spain; and the very next day on Tuesday, 3rd February Pedro Varela received a court summons threatening him with a two year jail sentence for infringing the legal rights of the Free State of Bavaria, by publishing and selling Spanish language copies of Mein Kampf. Furthermore the Free State of Bavaria is demanding a sum of 67,000 euros (some £60,000s) as the claimed profits of said publishing and selling of Mein Kampf! All this despite the fact that it is highly debatable whether indeed the State of Bavaria really does own the copyright. Certainly the author did not give it to them!