Communication by Librería Europa to its customers, friends, and general public.

On Friday 8 July, 2016, at 9 o’clock in the morning, a neighbor called Pedro Varela (who was camping in the mountains with his little daughter), announcing that a large police presence had begun searching his house at 7 o’clock that morning (which was being rented by French tenants while Pedro was away).

The neighbor refused to serve as a witness and the police used one of the tenants for this purpose instead.

They broke the doors down (and left the house unguarded for days, thus giving access to any thief who wished to finish the job of ransacking the house – see photos below), then took the computers, all the books published by Editorial Ojeda, plus anything else they thought appropriate, all existing documentation, and all economic funds that the family had in the house.

Simultaneously they detained in their homes or close to them the two secretaries of the Libreria Europa, who were imprisoned along with two of our loyal customers, A. Z. and C. S.

By Friday afternoon, special agents of the “Hate Prosecutor” entered the Libreria Europa, which has been sealed since, and took absolutely everything after a seven hour operation: the four newly acquired Apple computers for the upcoming Europa TV studio and editing work, 15,000 copies of all the titles published by Editorial Ojeda or similar books (photos below), and all existing documentation, while the four detainees stood by helpless and handcuffed like common criminals.

Following the advice of his lawyer, and after an international warrant for his arrest was issued, Pedro Varela appeared voluntarily at court a week later, where the “Hate Prosecutor” Miguel Angel Aguilar requested unconditional imprisonment under solitary confinement, while the judge agreed to release him on bail for an amount of €30,000, which was paid without warning and unexpectedly at the last minute by a young hotel worker, much to the surprise of Pedro’s lawyers.

As can be seen by this whole episode, the rule of law in Spain is crumbling while a neo-Marxist dictatorship with the ideas of a Soviet commissar are being imposed, imported curiously from the think-tanks of American Zionists (the inventors of the so-called “hate crimes”) and their hate prosecutors, who are a franchise of Zionism, and do not allow views that dissent from the “politically correct”.

We are unable to attend our customers, friends, and general public at the moment, perform any editing, or meet any payments.

Any reconstruction or continuity is impossible at this time, lacking the financial means to do so.

We continue to report, as long as possible.

For any collaboration in the legal defense and continuity of our publishing work:


Bank Accounts:


Account holder: Pedro Varela


IBAN ES24 2100-3003-5621 0960 9958




Account holder: Pedro Varela

0073 0100 56 0408716879

IBAN: ES52 0073 0100 56 0408716879



Account holder: GT

2038 6626 1260 0001 3431

IBAN: ES31 2038 6626 1260 0001 3431





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